I don’t think it’s any secret that God is still in the miracle business. I hear testimonies about healings of all kinds and have myself been witness to many people being healed. I’ve received healing in my body for many things over the years that I’ve been with Him. And we as a Body kind of make a big deal over these “gifts” and “manifestations” of physical healing. We debate relentlessly over whether or not it’s His will, if it’s for today, what are the hindrances to receiving it, do we have enough faith, etc. Or we make it a big deal of it in our own minds, OH CANCER that’s a big one! BLIND EYES, do I have enough faith to get someone set free from THAT, oh but a headache? No big thing. WE place the limits on God and He just sees it all the same. As a matter of fact, He said, “It is finished” so it’s already a done deal in His book.

But in talking to Him this morning I realized that while we make a big to-do over the physical, I think the bigger deal is the healing of one’s soul, the transformation of one who has been translated into the Kingdom, their salvation. See, God only had to speak a Word and the entire world, the universe, was created. Every time He spoke, Holy Spirit moved and physical matter came into being. Immediately. So why would it be any harder for Him to heal the physical body of the one’s He Himself personally created? I think that’s the easy part, at least it should be.

But when you look at how complex a person is on the INSIDE: God has to contend with their mind, emotions, thoughts, heart and more importantly their WILL. He has to compete with distractions, lies, spiritual blindness, ignorance, deception, vices, hearts that have been hardened and calloused by years of pain, neglect, suffering, sadness, and abuse. He has to contend with a people who have been blinded by the “god” of this world, who, though defeated, has deceived so many into believing that God doesn’t exist, or that if He does, He is a mean, cruel despot who makes people suffer to “teach them a lesson” or “develop their character;” a God who takes family members and loved ones away before their time because He needed them in Heaven, who teaches people patience and endurance through trials and adversity. (If this was the God I knew, I would be reluctant to give my life to Him, as well.)

Even those who believe in Him are under false concepts of who He is and what He wants of us. We have to BE GOOD and DO RIGHT; too many are still living under the law of do’s and don’ts (mostly don’ts) and consider themselves at best unworthy servants who will never measure up in His sight, a wretched sinner saved by grace. (By the way, this is FALSE HUMILITY and keeps you living in bondage to the enemy)
God is love in its purest form; the opposite of love is hate, which the enemy embodies in its purest form. The god of this world (satan) has so obfuscated the human race to this truth, has so perverted their minds to the point where they consistently (to their detriment) chose hate over love. He has them believing that it’s what they truly want, that it is what is best for them, that giving into these things will make them happy, bring them meaning…whatever IT is becomes their identity, who they are.

They believe that sleeping with anyone they want at any given time is freedom. They think drinking and doing drugs brings liberty, that it frees them to be who they truly are. They believe that they should be able to give in to their emotions and lusts and desires freely, because it’s what the heart wants, and the heart wouldn’t mislead you now would it?

What they don’t understand is that these things are actually holding them in bondage, having no idea that these things all compound into one large stinking pile of decay in the soul. They believe that they are the ones in control of their own lives but the truth of the matter is THEY are the ones being controlled by the Father of Lies. In giving in to these things, they are giving the enemy of their souls complete unadulterated access, inviting death to come in and abide and they wonder sometimes why….why am I sad? Why am I unhappy? Unsatisfied? Why do I feel so alone? So afraid? Or maybe they should ask themselves why is it no matter how many people they sleep with it never is enough to fill the void they don’t want to admit dwells inside of them? Or why no matter what they do, they never really truly feel ALIVE, loved, safe, kept, why they have no joy, no peace. All they are is left wanting, aching, sad, afraid, angry, bitter, calloused, jaded, cynical, depressed, hopeless, numb…but hey, that’s just who they are.

They believe that THIS is freedom when it is really their bondage. If only they could see themselves as they truly are in this state, marked and scarred by their “choices”…this is the enemy’s vision for their lives, his intent towards them: destruction and loss; all they are is collateral damage in this war. Wounded people wound people- it is a demonically-inspired cycle of hate intended for all of humanity. Now, if only they could see themselves the way that GOD sees them: beautiful, treasured, loved, safe, healed, made new, royal, holy, beloved; if only they knew how precious they are to Him, all that He has already done for them, all that awaits them if only they just believed and received…

But instead they curl up inside their man-made mechanisms of self-preservation thinking that they are safe beneath these layers but take it from someone who knows firsthand: all those layers serve to do is keep them shielded from God and His love. The stratums form a barrier between them and Him. You are actually being preserved in death, a trophy in glass for the enemy to gloat over.

And THIS, Church, is why we need to beyond a shadow of a doubt press in, KNOW Him, seek Him, look like Him, so that we can truthfully and righteously RE-PRESENT Him to the world, so that we can demolish these misconceptions and lies. We are to become LOVE for the world, light, hope…we are to be life-bringers! We are carriers of His Presence, we are Jesus to this sick, sad, dark world. People are literally dying to be loved and we are HIS BODY on this earth, commissioned to bring heaven to earth.


We as CHRIST-ians have been anointed to do the very same. We are to live free so that we can set others free. To show them what & Who love really is, to announce to them “YOU HAVE WORTH IN THE EYES OF THE ONE WHO CREATED YOU!”

John 14:12, Brethren.


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