Divine Healing, Part II

To continue from last weeks blog….(https://theredeemedlifeblog.wordpress.com/2019/12/09/divine-healing-part-1/)

Q:  If healing is a part of salvation, then why aren’t all who are saved healed?  Why are they still sick?

A: Some of the answer was put forth in the last blog.  A big reason is: lack of knowledge.  People cannot simply act on what they do not know.  If you do not know it is God’s will for you to be healed (and better yet to walk in divine health) then you simply will continue to live your life the way you always have.  Or maybe you hear that and think “Ok, well, God will heal me when He’s good and ready” and you wait passively for that ol’ magic wand to wave over you for it to just POOF…manifest.  But as I stated, that’s not how it works.

As for those who say if it was God’s will for all to be healed who are saved, then why doesn’t it manifest automatically….

Let me ask you this: when you got saved, did you automatically…POOF… become perfect in your behavior and thoughts?  Was your conduct changed in an instant?  Was your thinking changed?  Did you immediately stop complaining, gossiping, griping, getting snippy or angry?  Were you instantaneously full of love and warm, fuzzy feelings?  Did you promptly forgive all those who hurt and wronged you?  I am thinking probably the answer is no.  However, does that mean you were not saved just because you didn’t exhibit these attributes immediately?  Or that it is NOT God’s will for you to display those attributes because they didn’t automatically manifest?

When you are born-again, you are made perfect in the spirit however it’s the soul that needs to be renewed and it’s your body where healing needs to be manifested.  It’s a recalibrating, a reconditioning of your soul/body out of the natural, old, worldly ways (which are bondages and deceptions of the enemy) and into the NEW and LIVING way of Christ.  This does not happen overnight, nor does it happen without your agreement, consent or determination and it only manifests in your life to the degree with which you dedicate to that pursuit of God, of truth, holiness, consecration, revelation.  This is the only way in which those changes will come.

We are a three-part being, just as God is three-in-one.  We are a spirit with a soul housed in a body and when one area is affected, the rest is affected.  These things cannot be disconnected.  So if you are born-again (spirit) yet not ruling from the spirit and not being renewed in your mind (soul) then your physical self (body) will follow suit and stay unwell.  Yes, you can get prayed for.  Yes, you can receive a miracle or a healing.  But let me ask you this: do you want to constantly live from miracle to miracle or do you want to get to a place where you are HEALTHY in every way?  Where you don’t have to constantly have prayer or hands laid on you because you are in the Word, you are in intimate fellowship with the CREATOR OF YOUR BODY, where you know what His Word says, you know who you are, you are growing up into all things in Christ.

THIS is His goal for you, not for you to always rely on others to get you there.  And not only that, but He desires for you to be completely free in your soul (mind, will, emotions, thoughts, heart).  To be without all the trappings of your old life, which are all foundations laid by the enemy who loves for God’s people to be ignorant, apathetic and lazy when it comes to these things because that means that he is still the one who is ruling over them.  You can say you are a Christian, but is Jesus TRULY the LORD over your life, in every area?  Or is Satan still holding forth there?

Science has proven the Word of God true repeatedly.  Science has proven that one’s thought life can and does make people sick.  It produces disease (dis-ease) in the body.  It makes the body malfunction in a variety of ways.  God’s Word places a huge importance on what you think and how that manifests in one’s life (Proverbs 23:7; Matthew 12:33-37; Matthew 17:14-20 to name only a very few).   Bitterness, stress, worry, anxiety, fear, anger, unforgiveness…these are just a few things that keep your soul in bondage and have been scientifically proven to bring dis-ease to the body.  And in God’s eyes, these things are all sin because they are not God’s best for you.  Those things are all characteristics of the enemy; they are neither of God nor in keeping with His character.

This is why God calls you to renew your mind.  This is why God calls you to read His Word, seek Him, seek His heart, to gain revelation and then to ACT on what you’ve gained.  It says we are supposed to be imitators of God (Ephesians 5:1) and we certainly cannot do that if we are not reading His word or seeking Him out.  We are supposed to be changed from glory to glory (2 Corinthians 3:8) but that can only happen as we behold the Lord.  How do we do that?  By being in His Word and in His presence.

3 John 2 says “Beloved, I wish above all things that you may prosper and BE IN HEALTH EVEN AS YOUR SOUL PROSPERS.”  The order we are to live in is from spirit to soul to body.  You are to lead from your spirit which goes past and beyond feelings and emotions and symptoms and knowing the truth no matter what is going on in the natural.  As you lead from your spirit, you get into the Word and pray and worship and obey, then you renew your mind, you ACT on what you are learning, you seek God and allow Him to change you by His love and then, then that peace will come and not only will it come into your soul, it will then transpire in your body because now God is ruling and reigning here and the enemy has been evicted.

It goes beyond physical pains and symptoms and manifestations. It’s a whole-being peace and healing and transformation God has ordained for you.  It’s up to YOU, however, to labor to enter into that rest.

Blessings of health and wholeness and peace,


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